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Defrauded Plaintiff Clients vs. Attorney Willie Gary et el: 2014 - Present

The Client Killer Who "Lies, Cheats and Steals"

Attorney Willie E. Gary, based in Stuart, Florida, is a con artist and a crook. He ranks among the worst of what the legal profession has to offer. He is dishonest, immoral and a fraudster. Perhaps earlier in life he was decent and honest. That is no longer the case. Despite the slogan, "Trust The Team At The Willie Gary Law Firm," Gary and some of his colleagues, over the past 20 years, have defrauded numerous clients out of untold millions of dollars and prevented justice for large numbers of victims of racial and gender discrimination and other serious crimes.

Gary earned the reputation as "The Giant Killer" by winning big settlements against some of America's largest corporations. In fact CBS news magazine 60 Minutes in 2001 lauded Gary in a segment dubbed "The Giant Killer." Yet countless victims of this predator describe how he has stolen settlement monies, forged documents, withheld evidence to throw cases and accepted expensive gifts from defendants he is suing in order to enrich himself, thus further victimizing those he was supposedly representing against such defendants as Ford/Visteon, The Coca-Cola Company, Callaway Golf, General Motors, William Morris Agency, Creative Artists Agency and others. This aspect of Gary's well-documented history has earned him the reputation as "The Client Killer" with a long list of former clients we are supporting who more aptly describe him as disreputable, unethical and a disgrace to his profession.

It would be appropriate for 60 Minutes, American Greed or other national tv-news magazine to do a follow-up segment more appropriately titled: "Lying, Cheating and Stealing: The Giant Killer Turns Client Killer." or "Willie Gary: Giant Killer or Con Artist and Crook!

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