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Ray Rogers Speaking Engagements

Ray Rogers addressing students at the University of Chicago

Ray Rogers, co-founder and director of New York City based Corporate Campaign Inc. and the worldwide Campaign to Stop Killer Coke has been a longtime champion of labor, human rights and environmental causes.

Rogers is a veteran labor organizer who created the strategic concept of the Corporate Campaign. The Boston Herald described Rogers as labor's most innovative strategist and "one of the most successful union organizers since the CIO sit-down strikes of the 1930s." Time magazine said Rogers has "brought some of the most powerful corporations to their knees, and his ideas are spreading." He was described as a "legendary union activist" in the Business Week article "'Killer Coke' or Innocent Abroad? - Controversy over anti-union violence in Colombia has colleges banning Coca-Cola." In a Financial Times story, he was called The Coca-Cola Company's "fiercest foe."

The Campaign to Stop Killer Coke is featured in a full-length documentary, "The Coca-Cola Case," produced by Argus Films and the National Film Board of Canada, released in 2010.

Rogers is profiled in the book "We Will Be Heard: Voices in the Struggle for Constitutional Rights Past and Present" by Bud and Ruth Schultz (Merrell Publishers, 2008). He is one of 94 portraits of "individuals who have stood up for their constitutional and human rights in the face of repression by the American government."

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Ray Rogers addressing students  at the University of Chicago on Killer Coke's crimes.

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Killer Coke

Ray Rogers discusses the power of Corporate Campaigns relating to labor and environmental issues at Ralph Nader's "Breaking Through Power" conference.

Ray Rogers and IATSE Local 1 sound engineer Eileen Macdonald interviewed on Labor Press' Blue Collar Buzz aired on NYC's AM970.

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Within each point on the chart there are many different elements and types of strategic thinking. For example, when should a labor union try to increase its bargaining leverage with the threat of a strike, and when should it not? What are the best possible strategies to avoid a strike or lockout? If a lockout or strike occurs, how can it be kept as short as possible? To answer these questions, one must understand how to pit your organization's strengths against your adversaries' weaknesses, how to turn negative situations into positive ones, how to maximize psychological pressure and how to break down your adversaries' power into manageable units that can be challenged, attacked, divided and conquered.

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